"Ia Ola Malamalama i Lou Fa'asinomaga"


The Society of Fa’afaafine in American Samoa - SOFIAS, holds as its motto “Ia e Ola Malamalama I lou Fa’asinomaga” or “Be of  Virtue and Pride in Your Identity”.  SOFIAS aims to align itself and work collaboratively with fa'afafine and the LGBTI in both American Samoa, Asia Pacific region, and the world. SOFIAS is an organization that focuses on improving life through the balance of our Samoan-identity and western influences.  We are dedicated to building relationships grounded in the Samoan values, promoting a positive attitude towards the Samoan fa’afafine community, empowerment of people, protection of the environment, and respect for cultural diversity in our community.  By doing so we envision our people working together in strongly maintaining the fa’aSamoa while embracing western influences.




The mission of the Society of Fa’afafine in American Samoa is to foster stable relationships amongst the fa’afafine community in American Samoa by providing educational outreach events, fun gatherings, promoting maturity and respect towards others that will enable individuals to achieve educational goals and to contribute to the social and cultural well being of every fa'afafine living in American Samoa.

SOFIAS CHARITY - HOPE HOUSE a.k.a. Fatu o Aiga Convalescent Home for the Elderly and Disable

The SOFIAS Incorporated has been formed to promote the following:

  • To conduct seminars, workshops, and meetings whereby individuals concerned will be educated in the terms of:
    • Promote Health care/Awareness on Diabetes & Hypertension // Tobaccor Free // AIDS/HIV Educational Outreach


    • Harmony amongst  Fa'afafine, LGBTI, and Community
    • Promote Human Rights & Cultural Identity
    • Positive attitude within the community
    • Maturity and respect towards others
    • Promoting environmental protection
    • Promote Tourism & Beautificaiton efforts
    • Etiquette
  • To engage in activities generating community benefits and to pursue other objectives the corporation as a whole determines to improve its image and credibility
  • To foster and perpetuate cultural heritage and the preservation and keeping of our ancestors traditional customs and arts and crafts such as in games, legends, poetry, historical landmarks, etc.
  • SOFIAS is built for All Samoan fa'afafine living in American Samoa or abroad but were born and raised here in the islands. 
  • Consider yourselves a part of SOFIAS.  To become fully engaged in the decision-making process of the day to day or year to year operations of the organization, we urge you to pay your membership fee.  Otherwise, live life happily knowing SOFIAS is doing all of us a favor!


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