"Ia Ola Malamalama i Lou Fa'asinomaga"

Talitiga Dr. Vena Sele

An academia and a well respected member in the community at large; specifically in the field of education via the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) at her most recent post before retirement after a lengthy years of service in 2005 - Former Dean of Student Services at ASCC and Acting President of the College and a teacher within the Department of Education in her early years.

A prominent and diverse leader in the making of fa'afafine associations in the Territory of American Samoa.

An author in her own right and a publishing writer of her book called - "Being Catholic, Samoan, and Faafafine" - published by the Publishers of America - 2007  .

A matai and respected member within her aiga-family from the village of Masefau, American Samoa.

A mother-like figure to many fa'afafine of American Samoa especially within the field of Education and Fa'afafine Organizations where she earned the name - Mama Vena.

- Dr. Sele is an Honorary Member and Advisor of SOFIAS.  

Currently Dr. Sele is happily retired and residing in the State of Washington and whereby sharing her knowledge and expertise with the UTOPIA-Seattle - an LGBTI organization.

[Dr. Sele is pictured here with Her Royal Highness - Princess Pilolevu of the Kingdom of Tonga]

 To all the fa'afafines of Samoa,

          It is with great honor and a very humble heart that I write this brief message to you. The great effort of those members who have worked hard to combine the two associations deserves our congratulatory acclamations.  It is your hard work that has created this milestone in the development of fa'afafine organizations in American Samoa.  I am very certain that our sisters in Samoa are as proud as I am of this merge.  My only advice to you all is to balance out your lives by encompassing all the characteristics of a 'sophisticated Samoan lady'.  Your identities(fa'asinomaga) can only be achieved successfully if these ingredients are encapsulated into your lives: God; Family; Church; Village; Occupation; and Organization.  With such stable equilibrium, you can never go wrong in life.  Once again .....Congratulations SOFIAS.
Marma ( Talitiga Dr. Vena Sele)

Ms. Loata Sipili, RN-MSN

Miss Island Queens 1992 Loata Sipili, a well-respected fa'afafine in the profession of Nursing in American Samoa, at the local LBJ hospital.

Ms. Sipili's Credentials include being:

  • First fa'afafine - an RN (registered nurse)
  • A Masters Degree holder in Nursing
  • A Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) [The only locally and Nationally Certified with a Board Certification in Advance Management (BCADM) from the American Nurses Association;
  • Sipili administers her own clinic with LBJ Medical Center the territory’s only hospital.
  • A member of the Diabetes Coalition in American Samoa

Loata as she is commonly known amongst friends and family is still actively engaged in the organization's business and events.  She is an active member and a leader by example for which Ms. Sipili is also considered an Honorary Member and Advisor of SOFIAS. 

Pictured here in her pageant days - Ms. Loata is a lady of grace and style.  You will find this lovely and beautiful nurse today - maintaining the same figure and living a very healthy lifestyle.  She is usually found at the local hospital or at home nursing her baby boy. 




Ms. Loata [in black] is pictured here with members of our faafafine community whom turned out for a si'i to the funeral of her beloved mother.  Picture l-r [Jayleen, Ipi, Christina, Tasha, Loata, Tiffany, Athena] front row [Didi and Shiki]

Reigning MISS SOFIAS 2012-2013

The reigning Miss SOFIAS - Miss Tepatasi Vaina is an Honorary Member of the Association










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