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42 years old
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36 years old
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Adrianna Suluai

Discount Desogen (Desogestrel-ethinyl Estradiol) pills | Desogen generic brands - where to buy ethinyl estradiol - how much estrogen is in desogen
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Product name: Desogen

Active ingredient: Desogestrel-ethinyl Estradiol

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Date added: 4 / 8 / 2013

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53 years old

About Me

My name is Aysha Tomanogi, and I was Miss American Sevens now SOFIAS for the year 2004-2005. Conservation is my passion, my life, my whole being. I completed my Bachelors of Science in Biology from the University of Hawaii (2001), and a Masters of Science and Technology in Environmental Science from the University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia (2011). I'm currently employed at the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency, American Samoa. I'm also a Personal Trainer at TJ's Gym. 

Who is the current president of the association?

Athena Mauga

33 years old
About Me
Cool guy
Who is the current president of the association?


29 years old
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39 years old
About Me

I am happy to be me, I may not be perfect, but I am honest, loving and happy. I never try to be anything that I am not and I am not here to impress anyone else. I AM ME.:P

Who is the current president of the association?

Athena Mauga

Abby Loa
35 years old
About Me

Da queen Abby 

Ringo Wilson
About Me

Still strong as an ox but soft as a, love, and laugh before you sleep your way home.

IsaB Mageo
About Me


My name is IsaB AhMu Mageo, you can either call me Isa or Bella one or the other that would be fine[=.  I am of Samoan and chinese decent, currently residing on the shores of Amerika Samoa, in the village of Aua.  Fashion is my fiery PASSION, and glamour is why I LIVE.  There not much of me to know, just that I love to laugh, eat, SHOP, and chill. Well thats all for now. 

Who is the current president of the association?

Athena Mauga

31 years old
About Me

I Deneez Cullen was born from goodly parents, and was taught in many different ways of living life. im from a siblings of 6, I am a citizen of American Samoa and also a US national. Currently attending ASCC majoring in Health Science, trying to live life to the fullest and enjoy while i can. living earth for 20 years.


I'am a very friendly person, i love to socialized with other and make new freind.

i dont like mean people, i dont like math, neither eating vegetables and

i dont like approaching others, i dont like giving free sex. i dont like judging other and i expect the same thing for me.if you want my respect you gotta earn it.



Who is the current president of the association?

Athena Mauga

Briseis Tilo
About Me

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37 years old
About Me


je me présente je me surnome Jenny , je vie actuellement on Nouvelle-Calédonie , j'ai 27 ans et je voudrais bien faire vos connaissances,, je vous dit a tout de suite bisous

About Me

Talofa lava. O lo'u igoa o Peniata Tagaloa. O Tacoma Uosigitone o loo nofo ai mo lenei taimi o le olaga. Sa fanau i Fagaalu Amerika Samoa, ae sa ola ma tuputupu a'e i totonu o le nuu o Fagatogo Amerika Samoa. E le'i mautonu se nofoaga se tasi, ae sa fa'afailele le ola i so'o se alalafaga e galulue ai matua i le galuega a le Atua. O le mafua'aga foi lea o le oo mai i Amerika, ma nofo tumau ai mo lenei taimi. Fiafia faia'e pea le loto ma le agaga ona ua a'e mo se manatu i uso i Samoa, e fausiaina ma tapenaina lenei fa'amoemoe taua, mo i tatou uma lava fa'afafine Samoa. O se mitamitaga foi i lenei tagata fa'atauva'a, ona ua la'asia foi lenei la'asaga fou e i tatou uma e ala i lenei fa'amoemoe. MALO FINAU! MALO LE TAUATA'I! Se mea ina ua lelei o uso e nonofo fealofani ma fetausia'i, e pei o lea upu a le tusi. Tatalo faifai pea, ia alofa tele le Atua, ma fa'amanuia atu ia te outou le au uso, aemaise foi e na fitaituga ona o lenei fa'amoemoe matagofie. Ia liligi fa'aua le tofa aemaise o le poto i le susuga i le Peresitene, le ofisa, aemaise totino uma o le SOFIAS. Liliu mai foi i lenei itu o le malu, ia tausi ma feiloa'i pea i luma o le Atua e ala i talosaga. Alofa atu mo outou uma le au-uso.

Who is the current president of the association?

Athena Mauga

Didi Afuafi
41 years old
About Me

Talofa Lava,

I am Didi Asa Afuafi , from the village of Malaeloa - Am.Samoa

Who is the current president of the association?

Tasha Atio'o

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