"Ia Ola Malamalama i Lou Fa'asinomaga"

Congratulations to Our New MISS SOFIAS 2016 - Jayleen Chun

Forever in Our Hearts - Ms. Shevon Kaio Matai


  Our reigning Miss SOFIAS 2016 - Ms. Jayleen Chun bids you a warm and friendly welcome to all of you visiting our SOFIAS website. 

Talofa & Afio Mai!


  You can see more of the Reigning Miss in the Miss Corner or Former Titleholder's section... (See navigational bars to the left - Currently in progress)


Description of the Organization's Seal:   

As its motif a figurehead of a female with a tiara symbolizing success, celebrating achievement and promoting diversity.  A full bun-hairstyle and a large red hibiscus flower serve as a symbol of an island girl sophistication, with a neckline adorned with siapo-tapa design that represents the Samoan faafafine (way of a woman).  The name of the organization in Samoan runs across the top—with the motto across the bottom—Ia Ola Malamalama I Lou Fa'asinomaga - pointing out that all humans should be proud of their identity.  In addition - For fa'afafine Samoa to be proud of who they are and the aiga-families they come from.[Note:  Dr. Vena Sele is credited for the name and acronym—”SOFIAS” along with the Approval by the Executives and that of Association Members.  Seal was Designed by Ammon Fepulea'i.]

A Non-Profit Organization

SOFIAS - is a registered non-profit organization with the Territory of American Samoa Government, Attorney General's Office and Department of Treasury.

A brief history of SOFIAS.

In the year 2010, during the summer months of July - August,  the world of fa'afafine associations in the territory changed and it's active members decided to merge and unify under a single entity.  The American Samoa Island Queens Association at the time was led by the Hon. President - Ms. Cherylmoanamarie "Cherie" Ripley and Officers whom ensured the first meeting to discuss the merge of fa'afafine organizations.  The other members came from the American 7s Association whom also had a steadfast influential hold on the fa'afafine community in the territory.  It was through lengthy meetings and discussions, that the realization to unite under one flag was approved by the consensus of all those active and non-active members in attendance. 

A name change was also summoned so to align the association with the new union and also with the current trend within the region - whereby, indigenous people be proud of their cultural identity and for us - we are fa'afafine Samoa.  Very few know, but Island Queens Association - which is considered the mother association started out to having the crown and title under the labels of Miss Gay for the early years, then there was Miss Drag Queen, and for the many years since 1995 there was the title of Miss Island Queens, down the road we had Miss American 7s along with Island Queens, and continuing on with history, finally - today we have Miss SOFIAS.

The first name approved was AFAS - Association of Fa'afafine in American Samoa.  A second and final name approval was SOFIAS - Society of Fa'afafine in American Samoa.  On the night of the pageant for SOFIAS, the Officers of Island Queens and American 7s officially declared support for the new-named association in  front of a large - pageant audience.  Thus, SOFIAS' beauty pageant last year was not a 1st Annual rather a continuation from the many years of recognized  fa'afafine beauty pageants in the territory since fa'afafines of American Samoa gathered back in 1979.  See 'Former Titleholders' section for more... 

 The First Official President of SOFIAS - Serving a Complete 2 Year(s) (2010-2012) Term is Athena T. Mauga of Pago Pago, American Samoa.  The successor of the Presidency title is the VP whom is next in line.  Currently the Former VP - Tasha Atio'o is now President of SOFIAS (2012-2014).


Presented here are some of the many familiar fa'afafine faces in American Samoa, especially those whom have graced the stage for Crown and Glory!   SOFIAS Beauty Pageant every year is during Flag Day Weekend in the month of April, so don't forget to pen that in to your calendar of events.  We invite you to witness American Samoa's finest in fa'afafine entertainment, a must see! 

Up next in the year 2013 - SOFIAS will be celebrating 30 years of the Annual Fa'afafine Beauty Pageant in the Territory -- April 20, 2013!

From all of us to you - we bid you warm Talofas & Fa'afetai-Thank You for your support!  



Some of the faces throughout the 30 Years Experience...



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